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The ultimate guide to finding the perfect pair of jeans

At Jean Marie's, we understand that finding the perfect pair of jeans is crucial to any woman's wardrobe. We're here to offer our expert advice on how to find the right pair for you.

Know your body type:This is the first step in finding the perfect pair of jeans. Each body type has a different recommended cut and style of jeans that flatters your curves or creates an illusion of curves. Once you have a good understanding of your body type, it's time to find your perfect fit. There are several types of fits available in the market, such as skinny, straight, bootcut, and wide-leg. Try on different styles and sizes until you find the one that feels comfortable and accentuates your best features.

  1. For apple-shaped body types: Look for jeans with a high waistline and a slight flare at the bottom to balance out your silhouette.

  2. For pear-shaped body types: Choose jeans with a wider leg opening, such as bootcut or flare styles, to balance out your hips and thighs.

  3. For hourglass-shaped body types: Opt for skinny or straight leg jeans that fit snugly around your curves and accentuate your natural shape.

  4. For straight-shaped body types: Try high-waisted skinny jeans or tapered styles to create the illusion of curves.

  5. For petite body types: Look for jeans with a shorter inseam and a slim or straight leg to elongate your legs.

Choose the right rise: Selecting the right denim rise is important for the overall look and comfort of your jeans. High-rise jeans can elongate the leg and provide tummy control, making them great for those with longer torsos. Low-rise jeans can be more relaxed and comfortable for everyday wear, while mid-rise jeans are a happy medium. Ultimately, the right rise for you will depend on your personal preferences and body type. Try on different rises to see which one feels most comfortable and flattering to you.

Pay attention to the wash: The wash of the jeans refers to the color and finish of the fabric. Dark wash jeans are classic and versatile, while light wash jeans are more casual and laid-back. Other popular washes include black, grey, and distressed denim.

Shop with us: Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a daunting task, but with the help of our stylists at Jean Marie's, you'll be able to find the perfect pair that flatters your body type and makes you feel confident and comfortable. We carry brands like: Judy Blue, Kancan, Vervet, Flying Monkey, and more. Visit us in-store or on our website and let us help you find your new favorite jeans!