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Comment Sold FAQ’s


How do I start shopping? 

If you haven’t already, you will need to pre-register yourself. You can register 2 ways. Comment “Register” on a comment sold video and within minutes you will receive a message to your facebook messenger asking to complete the registration process. 

OR you may visit this link and register right away!  

Once you have successfully registered you may go ahead and start commenting.

Comment Format:

SOLD 123 

If size is required it will need to be added after the Sold and item #. In this example the item# is 123. Be sure to abbreviate your size and include a space.

For example comment: 


Here are the size abbreviations:

Small = SM

Medium = MED

Large = LG


1X = 1X

2X = 2X

3X = 3X 

Message Notifications

You will receive a message that you either got the item and it is now in your cart, or that you are now waitlisted. 

Items only stay in your cart for 2 hours before it expires and goes to the next person on the waitlist.Items go in order of comments and inventory availability. 

Message for notification that an item is in your cart:


Message for notification that you are waitlisted for an item:


Message for notification that an item is now in your cart and available for purchase:



If You Comment And Do Not Receive A Message: 

If you comment and do not receive a message, try commenting again. Make sure you are commenting in the correct format. Our system will not recognize a comment that is not typed or formatted correctly. If you are commenting correctly and still not getting messages, try disconnecting and reconnecting your messenger to Comment Sold by visiting https://jeanmaries.commentsold.com/. Once you log into your account it will redirect you to the homepage where you will see the option to disconnect messenger on the left side of your screen.

How Do I Shop on a Facebook Post?

To shop on a post on Facebook or in our Facebook VIP group Jean Marie’s VIP it is the same as shopping on a live feed. Find a “comment sold” post (typically showed in the description box) and comment on the main post, not the photos shown in each post. You will receive a message to your Facebook Messenger when you have commented correctly. 

Note*: Not all facebook posts are eligible with comment sold. Be sure to look at the description box to see if the post is eligible to comment on.

Where can I find my Waitlist and my cart?

You can find your waitlist, your cart, and shop more at https://jeanmaries.commentsold.com/

What does Authorizing my card mean?

When you choose to authorize a card, you are giving CommentSold permission to charge your card and place an order if the item goes in your cart or comes back into stock. CommentSold does not charge the card before this time. This includes if an item is restocked. 

Coupons and Discount Codes:

Sales and coupon codes are run exclusively through comment sold. Coupons for our jeanmaries.com website, including order receipt coupons, can not be applied to Comment Sold orders.

Once something is in your cart and you are ready to check out, you can enter an eligible coupon code at the bottom of your “Order Summary”

Gift Cards cannot be applied to Comment Sold Orders. 

If you are trying to apply a coupon code to an item that is on your waitlist rather than in your cart, you will receive a notice that the coupon code is not valid.

If the item goes in to your cart during the time that the coupon is active, you will pay the discounted price. If the item goes in to your cart after the coupon has expired, you will pay the pre-sale price. Items must be un-authorized after the sale if you do not want to pay full price.

I felt like I was the first person to comment, why isn't the item in my cart?

We go live on multiple Facebook pages at the same time so there's a possibility you may not have seen or viewed other comments. Please keep in mind the computer will sense the real time that the first person commented.

Can I return or exchange and item?

Yes! Please visit this link for more info on returns and exchanges.

Why did my comment sold item/order get cancelled?

If you are checking out through Comment Sold there may be a system delay that can result in the possibility of an item becoming sold out. Even though it shows you purchased the item, the item may need to be cancelled.

Still need additional help?

Email info@jeanmaries.com for additional assistance!