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How to Pack Smart for Your Next Adventure

How to Pack Smart for Your Next Adventure

Are you an over-packer? Let's get you ready for your next jet-setting adventure with a suitcase filled with items you're sure to use throughout the trip! It can be easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to packing! Take and try some of these tips so that on your next trip you can pack smart and with confidence!

Create a color-scheme:

When your space is limited, its important that the clothing you take on your trip can mix and match easily! A perfect way to do this is to create a color-scheme for your trip! One of our favorites is neutrals! Consider what type of trip you're going on. A business trip? A girls trip to the beach? Adventuring out west? Consider adding some color and packing more casual items for that girls trip, whereas on a business trip classic black and white pieces can be paired for a professional look.

Accessories that can be interchanged:

It can be stressful enough to put together outfits for the next ___ days when you're packing for a trip, don't stress over which accessories to take! Simply take those staple items you can wear with every outfit! Grab a short necklace that can be dressed up or down, a favorite earring or two, If you're a bracelet gal, pack a set or 2-3! Consider either wearing jewelry that can handle being in the pool or on the beach, otherwise take affordable jewelry from Jean Marie's! Sometimes its easy to forget an earring or loose a necklace, don't take pieces that will break the bank if they're lost!

In addition to jewelry, be sure to grab a small tote or backpack that can be carried to the beach and then can serve as laundry bag, or just a bonus tote for the trip home! Also, move your essential items from your wallet into a wristlet or crossbody bag. Just take 1-2 credit cards, cash, your ID and anything else that's absolutely essential. Just in-case you would loose your wallet its much easier to replace a card or two than and entire wallet-full! Your wristlet can be carried inside a larger purse or backpack, but then serves as a perfect little wallet for an evening out!

Don't forget those little essentials: 

1. Sunnies- protect your eyes from those strong rays! We've all forgotten these at least once, right?! Keep a travel pair in your suitcase so they'll never be left behind again!

2. Water-bottle- staying hydrated is so important whether you're headed to a climate thats warm or cool! Eliminate the waste of disposable drink containers and take a waterbottle! It's also a perfect way to sneak a sip from your hotel room down to the pool!

3. Magic Makeup remover- seriously these are amazing! The perfect way to remove your makeup with just a bit of warm water! Skip those wasteful disposable wipes!

4. Beach vacation?! Dock & Bay towelfor sure!- grab a lightweight, fast-dry, sand-resistant, Dock & Bay microfiber towel today! These make the perfect towel for a day at the beach or a portable yoga mat for in the hotel room!

5. An "emergency" shoe or sandal- happy feet make for a good day! This might sound silly, but seriously, a bad pair of shoes can really slow-down an adventure! Be sure to take a comfy pair of sandals like our Corky's wedges!

6. A go-to pant & Jacket- when space is limited, its important to pick those items you LOVE! Throw in or wear to the airport your favorite pair of jeans. Remember! Jeans an be heavy and take up a lot of room!

Wear the bulky items to the airport:

Hoping to take that cool jacket or those fun wedges?! And don't forget that weight limit most airlines have on your luggage! Wear that jacket and those wedges through the airport while you travel. This way you will keep room in your suitcase for that extra swimsuit or that favorite top! DO make sure you can walk and potentially jog in your airport outfit and footwear, you just never know when that flight is going to get delayed making for a short connection time!


Well ladies, that's a wrap! Which of these ideas are you going to try next time you travel?! Leave us a COMMENT below and let us know! Also be sure to "subscribe" to receive updates whenever we add a new post!

XOXO The Fashionistas of Jean Marie's