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How to Maximize Your Closet Space

How to Maximize Your Closet Space:

Use your extra time at home to check some organizing off your list! Practice that social distancing and get started on that project that seems to come back around too often, cleaning your closet! Deb, one of our fashionistas at Jean Marie's, has put together some tips that you can easily apply in your closet to maximize space and keep your clothing beautiful!

Use velvet or felt hangers:

You can fit nearly DOUBLE the amount of clothing on your closet bar by using a velvet hanger. These hangers look pretty, they're lightweight, and will maximize that space! Velvet hangers also are going to hang onto those slippery blouses or tanks that tend to slide their way off the hanger. When changing over to the velvet hangers if you have spare wood hangers, don't get rid of them! Use them in your coat closet for heavy jackets!

Sweaters aren't supposed to grow:

Have you experienced that disappointment of a favorite sweater getting stretched out in the shoulders from its hanger? Try simply folding your sweater in half, then wrapping the  sleeves and the bottom portion of it over the top of a hanger. Check out the steps in the photos below!


Try one of these hangers for your ties, scarves, and more:

A great solution to maximize space and prevent wrinkling! Hang your collection of ties or scarves on one of these simple layered hangers!

Happy organizing fashionistas! Use this extra time created by social distancing to get some organizing done! Pick a new project for each day, its sure to pass the time, and give you a sense of accomplishment!
XOXO Deb & the entire team of Fashionistas at Jean Marie's