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How to Give Your Jeans a Fringe Hem: Bringing Your Denim Back to Life!

Let's bring your denim back to life! Trendy and simple tricks for a distressed denim look!

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Did you know its super easy to add your own distressed look to your jeans? Check out this simple tutorial on how to cut your jeans and add a frayed or distressed hem! This tutorial is great if you have a denim skirt thats too long, or a pair of jeans you'd like to shorten!

Deb also will show you how to add a patch to a distressed jean so that your skin is covered but you can still show off that sassy distressed look!


How to Create a Frayed Hem:

Here's what you need...

- Pair of jeans or a denim skirt

- Seam ripper

- Scissors that works well on fabric

- Chalk pencil or washable fabric pen (optional)


Let's do it!

1. Get out that fabric scissors and pen or chalk!

2. Mark your desired length by using that fabric pen or chalk! If you don't have a fabric marker, simply use pins to mark your desired hem. Make one initial mark when you are wearing the piece, then, take the garment off. With a ruler measure the amount you wish to remove, then mark the entire piece based on that same measurement. 

3. CUT! This part is a bit scary, but you've got it! If you feel unsure, begin with a little bit less of a hem that you desire! Just like a hair-cut, you can't take back those trims!

4. The next step is to get out your seam ripper. As you will see in the video above, you are going to catch the point of the seam ripper on those small threads at the base of your hem, pull them out gradually! Remember, you can always trim the fringe to be shorter if you go too far.

5. Give your denim a final once-over and make sure the new fringe hem looks even and that the length is good! Enjoy the fresh new look!


How to Patch Your Distressed Jeans:

Here's what you need...

- Iron-on patches (navy or black work great for classic denim!)

- Fabric scissors

- Iron

- Ripped jeans


Ready to get started?!

1. Find that pair of jeans that shows a bit more skin than you'd like. This tutorial is also great for if you have a pair of jeans that you sometimes accidentally poke your foot through the hole when putting them on.

2. Turn your jeans inside-out, then grab your iron-on denim patch. Next, hold that patch up to the hole you desire to cover. Trim the patch in a manner so that it covers the entire hole along with some allowance on the sides. Trim the corners so they are rounded.

3. Grab out your iron and simply iron the patch onto the denim with the jeans turned inside-out. You now have your very own pair of patched distressed jeans!

If you want to play it really easy, simply shop this cute pair of patched distressed jeans


Well friends, that's a wrap! Go through your closet and find a pair of jeans to try one or both of these tricks with, have fun with it! We would love for you to show off your work in the comments below!

XOXO The Jean Marie's Fashionistas